Gartconner Early Learning and Childcare Centre is now open for extended day.

Parents can choose from the following options:

Extended day only:

  • 8am - 12 noon or 8am - 1pm (with lunch)
  • or 12noon - 6pm (with lunch)
  • or 1pm - 6pm

Normal sessional hours have been extended from:

  • 8.40am till 11.50am
  • and 12.50 till 4pm   

For any of these sessions please apply online.

We have provision of 2 year olds.  You may qualify for a free place.  Please apply online

Anyone is welcome to come and have a look round our centre:

Gartconner office - Tel: 0141 955 2323
Early Years - Tel: 0141 578 8707