Our Vision  

‘Learning, Leadership and Achievement for All’   

Our Values   

We want everyone in the Gartconner community to be:   

‘Safe; Healthy; Achieving; Nurtured; Active; Respected; Responsible; and Included.’   

Our Aims  

Our aim is to work together with children and young people; parents and carers; and the community to promote and sustain positive partnerships to maintain:   

  • Equity and equality for all as we value the rights of all children; 
  • A safe, caring, happy, nurturing environment which enables everyone to aspire to do their best; 
  • Opportunities for everyone to participate in experiences to develop skills for life, learning and work; 
  • Quality learning and play experiences; 
  • Positive attitudes and actions relating to health & wellbeing for all.   

Continuous improvement to our service through rigorous self-evaluation.